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It’s all about compromise

It’s been a beatdown of a week and a pretty exhausting day. So by the time I got home, I was trying to decide between just eating popcorn for dinner or actually making some effort and making myself a curry (which is what I was craving).

So, I mixed a G&T and whilst mixing decided to try a little experiment.

1) Heaping tablespoon of coconut oil in the bottom of a big glass bowl.

2) insesrt a couple of T-sized handfuls of popcorn into said bowl.

3) Cover bowl with a microwave-safe plate that seals it pretty well.

4) Nuke for a few minutes (I stopped when popcorn was about to push the plate off the bowl).

5) Sprinkle with finishing salt and turmeric

Its a curry on the popcorn.  And it goes really nicely with a G&T. Problem solved.


Catchin’ Up

Since it’s a bit past the official start of summer, I figured it was time to share the Spring 2015 playlist. Check it out here.

It’s sort of embarrassing I even keep this thing running no more often than I’ve had time to update in the last 18 months or so.  Or, perhaps how little I’ve had worth writing about for public consumption.  But, perhaps things are looking up these days and I’ll have time/ desire to update more often.

Well then, lets go!

Keeping with the theme, I figured it was time for a music update…or a wee one, any way.  I’ve actually had time to see 4 shows in the last month.  Yes month, not week.

Lucinda Williams.   I’m so in love with her new record.  We dodged thunderstorms all night. In fact, I almost didn’t even go to the show because the forcast and radar indicated pretty much a 100% chance of rain.  And rain and thunder and storm it did…everywhere except the back yard of Grinders.  Great show.

Anderson East.  Holy shit this kid has a voice.  Weeknight KC crowd was a bit of a disappointment, but he was not.  Once he learns to manage a crowd like that, he might be unstoppable.

HaHaTonka – Back at Knuckleheads but on the weekend.  I’ve been dying to see this band live and they did not disappoint. Allegedly working on a new record to come out later this year.

Delta Spirit – Took half a vacay day and coughed up the dough for a hotel room for this week night show down in KC.  Best money I’ve spent all year. This was sort of an acoustic-y show with really cool lights and an abundance of special guests including Ian from Deer Tick, Johny Fritz and Robert Ellis.

Because Ph.Ds are experts in everything

There seems to be a misconception that if you have “Dr” before your name or MD, Ph.D, etc after that you’re a walking Trivial Pursuit answer book.

When I signed up for one of my airline FF programs, one of the required fields was a prefix for your name. Of course, I had to pick from a pull down menu and the only possible options that even made sense for my gender and station in life were Miss, Mrs., or Dr. I never, ever (by choice) go by any of those. The first makes me feel like a 10 year old, the second is just false (or accompanied by my last name makes it sound like I’m married to my dad or brother…ew), and the 3rd (even though I have a Ph.D) is just pretentious.

Forced to pick though, I chose the 3rd.

Fast forward to today. Of course, FA’s have access to the passenger manifest that shows me as Dr Tonya. I was seated in 1A, so I was an easy target…. for all of her questions about symptoms of Ebola.

She was obviously freaked out and suspicious of everyone on board.
I did my best to convince her that a) I’m not a medical doctor (which she ignored), b) unless she’s swapping body fluids with passengers, she’s probably ok, and c) she more likely to die from measles or the flu than Ebola (which she seemed relieved by).


As I was pouring coffee this morning, I looked out the window and caught this little bugger red handed eating purslane. Looks guilty, huh?



Also, for the most part, the garden is LOVING this Spring/early Summer. However, these two heirloom tomatoes are really interesting. The orange russian has produced one tomato already but has no other blooms and looks pretty small and sickly compared to the Cherokee purple, which is loaded with flowers and a few small, green tomatoes.



Weekending done right

Last week was a bear, a total beat-down of a week and when Friday came around I was ready to just go hibernate.  But, often with hibernation comes wallowing and navel gazing and I didn’t want to descend into such nonsense.  So, I did what anyone would do on a Friday night to wash away a craptastic week, I went to a rock show.  Chuck Prophet at Davey’s Uptown in KC.  I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’d never seen him before, and I was definitely not disappointed. I think my friend Whitney described it best when she said it’s like seeing Tom Petty at a dive bar.

I had the best sleep I’ve had in months on Friday and despite the late start to the day on Saturday (and they fact that I spent most of it working), it was a fairly enjoyable day since it happened from the comfort of my home.  Saturday night, I took a quick trip to town to see Frank Turner open for some hippie band from Australia and having no interest in the latter, made in home in time for an early(ish) bed time.


Sunday was a totally glorious day captured in pics below.  Wonderful temps, time for a run, time with the plants, time for cooking a good dinner, and time for a post-dinner walk.  Perfect end to the post relaxing weekend I’ve had in a while.


60 Degrees and overcast. Unheard of in June and perfect temp for a run along the river


The Mizzurah was high and movin’.



Harvested the chamomile from the garden. Shame to pull up such a pretty plant, but it was time to make room for summer veg.


Also from the garden, PEAS! It was awesome to make a lunch salad totally from things from my teeny-tiny (mostly container) garden.


The most important consideration when choosing flowers? Things that wont die if they have to go without water for 7-10 days while I”m traveling.

And that’s all she wrote

Harvested the last lettuce from my little garden this morning.



Having lived in several longitudes in the last several years, I’ve discovered that I’m only happy when things are growing. Prolonged seasons of darkness and deadness really get me down.

Finally, my early spring seeds have bore edible treasures. Two weeks ago, I made my first salad from lettuce in my container garden. I’ve also been happily harvesting loads of radishes. My favorite being the oblong beauties in the photo. They were labeled French Breakfast radishes and to my taste, the are much less harsh and bitter than the ordinary round variety from the store.

My peas are starting to produce pods and my lone, 3-year old strawberry plant has finally produced fruit…which the birds have been sampling before I get to them.

Today, I planted tomatoes ( Orange Russians and Cherokee purple) plus a jalapeño plant. I also put some drought-hardy flowering plants (purslane, etc), which are the only flowers that ever survive my prolonged absences from home.

Still on the hunt for some okra, but Midwestern greenhouses don’t seem to have it this year